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Read what our students say about the school, from prep to year 6 they tell it in their own words...


"This school is great. It has great teachers and is exciting and different. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else!" Matthew.

"Thomas Mitchell is a highly educated school with good facilities. I like the teachers and students at Thomas Mitchell as well. The school opened in 1991 and has been a very successful school. We hope it continues to be that way." Anthony.

"Thomas Mitchell is a great school. You get taught a lot of new things and by going to Thomas Mitchell you're sure to have a great future." Kristina.

"Thomas Mitchell gives you many opportunities to learn and explore new things. Thomas Mitchell doesn't take bullying and deals with situations very well. The school is well organised and brings up some of the most successful students. It has fantastic programs like Earn and Learn and it is a happy and friendly environment to work in. It is a great school!" Stephanie

"I think Thomas Mitchell is the best school ever. I have learned a lot from this school. It has a lot of cool excursions and good maths activities and a lot more. If you are a Mum or a Dad looking for a school for your child to go to next year I advise you to come to Thomas Mitchell Primary School. I think Thomas Mitchell ROCKS!" Shaun .



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