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Join us on our journey of Internationalising Education At Thomas Mitchell Primary School.

Thomas Mitchell Primary School students are supported to become enlightened global citizens who demonstrate intercultural competencies, are socially responsible and civically engaged. We develop their understandings of what it means to live in an interdependent world and how being ‘caring’, ‘connected’ and ‘courageous’ enables them to meet the challenges of their times.

75% of our student population come from backgrounds other than English and together with our culturally diverse staff, they bring an international perspective to our school. The many languages we speak and the diversity of beliefs, customs and cultures are valued and shared. Additionally, the teaching and learning programs (curriculum) promote global, international and intercultural perspectives.

Internationalising schooling is a whole school initiative which occurs to foster a global perspective with the purpose of enriching the learning experience leading to changes in knowledge, attitudes, and behaviours.  







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