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Thomas Mitchell Primary School has joined up with Sustainability Victoria, Resource Smart and the Vic Government in an initiative to help us embed sustainability into our school community and curriculum. Through Resource Smart Schools, we will take action to minimise waste, save energy and water, promote biodiversity and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Resource Smart Schools will support us to reduce costs while giving our students the opportunity to learn about sustainability in a tangible and realistic environment.

Nude Food

Nude Food is back! With health and the environment in mind, we've created a blog in an attempt to give students at Thomas Mitchell healthy and environmentally friendly alternatives for their lunch boxes.

As part of Thomas Mitchell Primary School’s Sustainability program, we have reintroduced our Nude Food competition. This is an opportunity for students to combine healthy eating with being environmentally aware. Parents and teachers at TMPS are encouraged to help students make healthy lunch choices and prepare their food without the use of extra wrappers.

What is a “Nude” lunch box?

A “nude” lunch box is one that has no plastic wrappers or rubbish that goes to landfill. Use re-useable containers and re-use snaplock bags to build a healthy and rubbish free lunch box. And remember, fruit scraps are not included as rubbish! 

Every day we will count how many students in each class bring “nude” lunch boxes (including snack and lunch). Using a percentage, we will work out which class is the overall winner for the week and the winning class will receive the nude food trophy to keep in their class.


Environmental News

Eco Kids for 2019

Introducing the Eco Kids, Eco Ambassadors and Sustainability Leader for 2019.  Each class has chosen a representative to be the Eco Warrior for their class.  They will attend weekly meetings, where they will have discussions on what can be done around the school to support our sustainability program.  They will also be active members involved in planting, harvesting, auditing, cooking, supporting the Global Goals and  much more.