School Council

Role of our School Council.

The School Council is responsible for:-

  • The formation of school policy within Department of Education guidelines.
  • The maintenance and cleaning of buildings and grounds.
  • The financial management of the school's resources and the accountability of these to parents and Department of Education.
  • The promotion of the interests of the school.
  • Reporting to the school community.
  • The employment of non teaching staff.
  • The development of the school's facilities and their use by others.
  • Fundraising.

Council comprises parents, staff and co-opted members. There can be up to 15 members on council. Elections for half the members are held each March.

Meetings are currently held on the third Tuesday of each month, at the school.

Interested parents are invited to attend these meetings.

School Council

Finance sub committee meets at 7.00pm before the school council meeting on the third Tuesday of each month. Currently School Council Sub Commitees are: Finance, Fundraising, Education, Buildings, Grounds and Safety.

School Councillors

Office bearers of our new school council are as follows:

 President Michael Vekic
 Vice President Keetha Rajavel
 Treasurer Amanda Khan-Niazi
 Assistant Treasurer Mark Reid
 Minutes Secretary Tracey Etherington
 Correspondence Secretary           Giselle Cassar
 Parent Members

Lohitha Abeysinghe,Omar Abdul Rahim,Keetha Rajavel,Lisa Robinson-Mann,Peta Sharp,Majed Tabbara, Michael Vekic, Nicole Walker.


 Staff Members

Giselle Cassar, Jennifer Churcher, Tracey Etherington, Mark Reid
 Principal John Hurley